Our Services

With the vast experience of the partners, we would like to highlight the services that we could provide and how best we could assist you in legal matters arising.

» Banking

Corporate Banking

The Partners are familiar and have drafted Documentation for Tier 1 financing. The partners have been involved in projects concerning foreign funds, investment banks, other financial institutions and corporate organizations and have vast experience in the loan and security documents that become necessary in such transactions.

The Nature of loans include project financing, structured financing, syndicated loans and corporate loans. We are also capable of undertaking debt restructuring exercises, involving both banks and corporate bodies.

Retail Banking

Having played a significant role in the preparation of loan documents for various banks, we can handle retail banking loan documentation for banks and financial institutions.

» Mergers & Acquistions

The Partners have been involved in merger and acquisition exercises and have conducted due diligence on companies. Structure would include the investment agreements, the subscription agreements, shareholders and management agreements. Advice would also include funding and tax issues.

» Litigation

Debt Recovery

The Partners have handled the debt recovery portfolios for several banks and other financial and non financial institutions. The services include sending letters of demand, filing high court and lower court suits against borrowers and guarantors, proceeding with foreclosure action in both high court and land offices, applying for summary judgment, proceeding with full hearings in the various

courts, initiating bankruptcy and winding-up proceedings where judgments are not settled and other forms of execution i.e. writs of seizure and sale, garnishee proceedings, judgment debtor summons, and prohibitory and charging orders.

The Partners have also acted for developers and are familiar with the problems faced by them in the housing development industry and have defended late delivery claims.


We also have experience in acting in appeals arising from banking litigation matters to the appellate Courts of Appeal and the Federal Court.

Corporate recover and Insolvency

The Partners have also assisted clients in areas regarding insolvency, restructuring, liquidation, in particular advising banking clients on their rights arising from debentures and thereafter.

Corporate disputes

The Partners are familiar with corporate disputes including, shareholders disputes, minority actions, winding up on just and equitable grounds, derivative actions and actions e.g. against directors for breach of duties and fraud.

Industrial disputes

The Partners have provided legal advice on industrial matter and this includes labour office disputes and inquiries, employment issues and benefits, [both from the employer and employee view points], actions for breach of fiduciary duties, workman’s compensation and judicial reviews arising from industrial court awards.

» Arbitration & Mediation

The Firm can provide mediation and arbitration services as one of the Partners is qualified and specialized in those areas.


It is not often that one finds a collective wealth of 50 years of experience which includes experience from the legal adviser side and the clients’ side within one partnership. Do not hesitate. Tap that experience.

At ROSLEY ZECHARIAH we promise you solution-driven and value-added service.
























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