The Partners

Rosley Ahmad
LLB (Hons) UM, MBA

ROSLEY AHMAD has a Degree in Law from University Malaya, and has obtained Masters in Business Administration from Ohio University, USA. He is also a licensed Company Secretary.

Rosley joined RHB as a General Manager in 1995 and was promoted to the position of Senior General Manager in 1996. In July 1997, he was promoted to the position of Director.

Rosley was formerly the Director of the Legal & Secretarial Division of RHB Management Company Sdn Bhd (RHBMC) and the Group Company Secretary of RHB Group of Companies. He was responsible for all the legal, compliance and company secretarial aspects of the RHB Group. He also sat on the Board of Directors of various subsidiaries within the RHB Group.

He was the Chairman of the Executive Committee of Putrade Property Sdn Bhd, the property management arm of RHB which manages the Putra World Trade Centre. He was also a member of the Executive Committee of the securities business of the RHB Group. He left the RHB Group on 1st March 2003.

Prior to joining RHB, Rosley was with the ESSO Group of Companies handling the Group’s legal, secretarial and contracting functions, both for the downstream and upstream companies. He was also the Division Attorney for the Offshore Division of Esso Production Malaysia Inc, the division which is responsible for the oil and gas production.

Rosley has over 20 years of experience in legal, company secretarial and business management comprising legal advisor, contracting, corporate restructuring including mergers and acquisitions, financial and banking activities and corporate services.

Amongst some of his most recent achievements are the acquisition and merger of Kwong Yik Bank with RHB Bank Berhad the merger of RHB Finance with RHBB, the privatisation and merger of Straits Securities Sdn Bhd with RHB Securities Sdn Bhd, the issuance of ISD Convertible Bonds by RHB, the Issuance of call warrants by RHB, the issuance of Tier II sub-debts by RHBB, the acquisition and merger of Utama Bank Berhad with RHBB, issuance of Ringgit Bonds by RHB, the incorporation and establishment of securities business subsidiaries in Philippines, Indonesia, London and New York and the acquisition of 30% equity interest in PT Bank Niaga in Indonesia.

Renu Zechariah
LLB (Hons) UM, Mediator(Bar Council), Member CIArb

RENU ZECHARIAH was called to the Malaysian Bar in 1982. Her years of experience is from the litigation arena and she is quite comfortable in the courtroom, advising and negotiating settlements with and on behalf of clients outside the courtroom and successfully opposing, defending and contesting parties’ claims.

Renu’s experience covers both advisory and non-advisory services and focuses on the best available solutions for the client.

Renu has appeared in all the various courts i.e. the Subordinate Courts, High Courts, Industrial Court, Courts of Appeal and the Federal Court. Many of the decisions arrived at in the said High Court and Appeal Courts in matters personally handled by Renu have been reported in the local law journals and are used as precedents and for reference. She has handled almost every type of

civil litigation that is corporate disputes, liquidation, banking, bank fraud, industrial disputes, construction claims, arbitration and insurance.

Her expertise lies in her wealth of experience and being hands-on in the various matters handled. For the making of a good advocate, there is really no text book one can refer to except one’s own experience in handling actual and real cases where skills are sharpened, mistakes are made never to be made again and valuable lessons learnt. Renu’s experience spans over 22 years.

Renu is also a trained mediator registered with the Bar Council Mediation Centre and a member of the Commercial Institute of Arbitration. She has taken part in arbitration proceedings on behalf of clients.

Cheryl Kwan Chui Yi LLB (Hons) Glamorgan, CLP

CHERYL KWAN CHUI YI was called to the Malaysian Bar in 1998. She has been in active practice since then and has joined the Firm as a partner.

During the years of her practice Cheryl has been exposed extensively to the area of banking and property conveyancing having handled property development projects and drafting related agreements thereto, advising and negotiating clients on terms of property sale agreements, acting for banking and financial institutions in drafting and preparing retail and business loan agreements and a number of corporate share sale agreements.

Cheryl has also handled a considerably wide range of civil litigation matters including corporate disputes, insolvency and restructuring, receivership and liquidation, banking recovery work, bank fraud claims, industrial disputes, construction claims, tortious claims, contractual disputes, intellectual property disputes and estate distribution and disputes arising therefrom.

Cheryl has been exposed to the practice of civil litigation as stated above and has appeared in all the various courts of the land i.e. the Subordinate Courts, High Courts, Industrial Court, Courts of Appeal and the Federal Court. Cheryl has also appeared in quasi judicial bodies i.e. the various land offices and employment tribunals and is familiar with the procedure and practice of those bodies.

Cheryl’s experience also covers organizing seminars and training sessions for financial institutions and other bodies to suit their needs and requirements. She has presented various papers and discussed topics pertaining to amongst others debt recovery, civil procedure, foreclosure and execution proceedings.

Cheryl has also been involved in the formalization of various schemes of arrangements and restructuring exercises for various companies such as Milmix Sdn Bhd (a subsidiary of the MRCB Group of Companies), the Lion Group of Companies etc.

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